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Executive Director

Moussa is a qualified nurse and worked as a primary health practitioner for almost 2 years. He underwent HIV & AIDS training in peer education and sexual and reproductive health issues and had shared the knowledge at various local and international conferences. He also holds a Masters degree in International Development from Eastern University (, has experience in pastoral ministry as well as experience in interpretation (French-English). As a husband and father, Moussa promotes and supports women development, their respect and their values. He is passionate about the welfare of children.

Moussa worked for ThinkTwice as a volunteer in 2003. He joined the staff in February 2005 and has served ThinkTwice as the Delivery Projects Manager until December 2013. His primary role was to ensure that all ThinkTwice programmes are managed efficiently and professionally. As an asset Moussa has developed and acquired, among many others, the following skills: projects management, strategic planning, administration, advertising and marketing, teaching, trainer/mentor and facilitation/presentation, public speaking skills, debating and motivational speaker. Moussa understands the needs for holistic development and is passionate about it happening. In his new capacity as the Executive Director, Moussa looks forward to assisting ThinkTwice in developing plan for self-sustainability. He is passionate about the work ThinkTwice does and would like to see it continue as long as possible.

His colleagues say that he is "Mr. Smooth".

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Miemie Saffi


Qualified Facilitator

Miemie is a qualified facilitator and has experience facilitating ThinkTwice programmes since March 2008 and enjoys working with teachers, learners and children's caregivers.

Miemie strongly believes in two things; one of them is that it takes a village to raise a child and the second is that children are a treasure and the future. If we strongly believe in the future, then it takes you and me to be the change we want to see.

She is passionate about restoring that which is broken and stolen from the little one's upbringing and identity.

Miemie is an invaluable catalyst within (the glue that holds the) the delivery department (together)!

Her colleagues describe her as "Speedy Gonzalez".

You can contact Miemie directly at: