Testimonials: Trainees

A mother first and teacher second have I learned a lot about how to communicate with children and how to take care of children.
- Grace educare

My impression of the workshop is that that its absolutely amazing. It kept us entertained while teaching us a lot. The layout of the presentation was good.
- Arthur -Jenny's educare

We need this in our churches and communities because we need the skills, tools and techniques to handle what's happening to our children.
- Nomhle

It's for real the topics we addressed because we experience this situations in our classrooms, Thus bringing the solutions that think twice brings close to home and real to us.
- Disa Primary

You are never too old to learn. It was very educational and gave me more confidence in my job. I would recommend that everyone teacher and Parent to get trained in it.
- Wavecrest Nursery school

Excellent workshop! It was helpful and understandable.
- Springwood

It was very interesting I wish it could go to all the communities.
- Home from home

Good idea with the icebreakers I enjoyed shaking loose. I found it very informative and educational.
- Habibia Junior